How to use Intuition cards?

How to use intuition cards

Based on the principle of synchronization, Nakshatras in this card deck are used as a tool for revelation and advice (Intuition Cards). They help to find a way in your own intentions and launch your intuitive perception. The Intuition Cards are based on the forecasting techniques in one of the Vedic knowledge, Jyotish Shastra (in Sanskrit, ‘light of knowledge’). Prashna (in Sanskrit, ‘to request’ or ‘to ask’).

The Prashna technique is aimed towards examining certain questions. When the question is matured and truly urgent, it comes to life as soon as the person asks it. A person who asks the question must approach this matter responsibly, because Prashna is neither entertainment nor divination, but instead it is a sacred practice which must be treated with veneration.

The more accurate the question is, the better will be the outcome. For example, seeking an answer to a question how your relationship with a certain person will turn out might have some lack of clarity, because that could also apply to business partners. This principle applies to all topical questions, like work-related matters, e.g. what are the perspectives in the selected or offered place of work? Will your overseas trip turn out to be successful/will the selected house (purchase, rental) satisfy you/will the project bring fruits?

To get an answer to the question on your mind by using the Prashna technique, pick only one card. That is a unique moment when your intentions and question synchronize with the symbol and description of the card’s Nakshatra through which a message and answer will be delivered, helping to shape your further strategy while heading towards the intended target.